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No additional app or website to remember.

We already have the tools and habit to journal.

Simply reply an email.

Journal from the mail app of your choice on your computer or phone. You can also use to write.

Privacy first!

Our journals are personal and private to us.

So, all our entries are encrypted.

Only visible to owner's eye.

Privacy first

Only yours to see. All entries are encrypted and not traceable by search engines.

Entry via email

No apps, no websites, no new habit to learn. Simply reply 1 email among many others you already do everyday.

Markdown (Soon)

Rich text formatting with markdown, so you can add link, bold text, list, etc...

Search (Soon)

Easily find the memories, thoughts, experiences you've recorded in years by a simple search.

Attach image (Soon)

JournalRe mainly focuses on writing, however you can still add 1 image to enrich your text.

Hashtags (Soon)

Easily organize and categories your entries by hashtags such as #family #diet #work...

Multiple Journals (Soon)

You can create multiple journals to document your journeys from Personal to Diet, Project, Habits,...

Public Journals (Soon)

Maybe you want to inspire others with your journal. It is your choice.

SMS (Soon)

It is all about convenience. You can journal even via SMS.

Journal Themes (Later)

Style your journals as you like from the given list of theming options.

iOS App (Later)

iOS app for offline access and better experience on your phone and tablet.

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Feel free to reach out if there is a specific feature you'd like to see.

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